Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that Mr. Response Electric, LLC receives. If you have a question that's not addressed below, please contact us at 888-611-2007. We’ll be happy to address any questions or concerns you have about your electrical service.

What can I do to reduce my business’s energy costs?

Office buildings in the U.S. spend an annual average of $1.34 per square foot on electricity and 18 cents per square foot on natural gas. In a typical office building, lighting, heating, and cooling represent between 54% and 71% of total use, depending on climate, making those systems the best targets for energy savings.

Why do my lights dim when my air conditioner starts?

There may be a loose connection somewhere in the circuit or the circuit may be overloaded.

Do my smoke detectors ever need to be changed?

Yes, even hard-wired smoke detectors should be changed every 10 years.

What is a carbon-monoxide detector and why do I need one?

Massachusetts law requires all homes to have carbon-monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide is a very dangerous gas that comes from oil burners and other heating units.

How long have carbon-monoxide detectors been required in MA?

They were required in all homes since March 31, 2006.

Where should carbon-monoxide detectors be installed?

Carbon monoxide detectors should be in every bedroom and on every floor.

Is my 100-amp service adequate?

It all depends on what size load you’ve added since the service was installed. An electrician should be called to evaluate it.

Should I get a generator for my home?

Yes, any home or business that’s prone to power outages should have some kind of backup power source.

Will my electric bill go down if I upgrade my service?

In most cases, customers will see a reduction in their electric bill due to new installations, tighter connections, and a better power balance. The actual amount of savings typically depends on your monthly electric bill.

What are some simple things I can do around the house to save on my electricity bill?

Change all your bulbs to fluorescent bulbs, change your thermostats to programmed thermostats, have an electrician check your meter socket and circuit panel to ensure all your connections are correct and tight, and replace your electrical service if it becomes extensively degraded. You may need to periodically upgrade your interior wiring as well.

What’s the difference between soft white, daylight, and compact fluorescent bulbs for light quality and energy efficiency?

Compact fluorescent lights are the most efficient. Soft white and daylight are color shades that fluorescent bulbs emit. Soft white is a gentle shade of light whereas daylight is just what it says, it’s like being outside in the day light. Light quality from fluorescent is a lower level of light force than incandescent.

Can I use an extension cord to run my swimming pool?

No, this is a major hazard and should never happen.

Do I need ground fault outlets in my garage?

Yes, they’re required in garages, lawns, kitchens, bathrooms, pools, hot tubs, and any area subject to cause electric shock.

I have 2-prong outlets in my home. What will it take to change them to 3-prong outlets?

A GFCI outlet can replace a 2-prong outlet as long as it’s properly marked for no-ground. Alternatively, a separate ground wire can be run from the outlet to a water pipe and attached to the ground screw on the 3-prong outlet.

Can I use multiple power strips on my electronic equipment?

As long as they aren’t overloaded. A better solution is to install a separate circuit to supply power to all of your equipment, which provides better protection.

Are all extension cords the same?

No, the lower the wire gauge number, the better the cord. For instance, a 14-gauge cord can handle a heavier load than a 16-gauge cord.

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